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I have quite a few students who do CrossFit on the side, yet feel that it is not providing them with adequate fitness training for Krav Maga. I found this was also the case for me, but think it was more a case of ‘I was too messed up’ for any other training because CrossFit left me sore for days, every time.

Talking with a well known boxing trainer from Sydney, he said the same thing. He even went so far as to describe a girl who he said was a very good boxer, go sloppy in her form as a result of doing CrossFit. According to him her level of training in boxing did not change, the only thing that did was the introduction of CrossFit.To be honest, I’m not so sure if I believe it or not, and it may have been a case of extreme overtraining, but regardless some people just don’t feel it’s the right type of training to be doing with advanced Krav Maga training.

Anyway, I’m not for CrossFit or against it. But I can tell you that I have discovered something very similar and that it works for me. The workouts are just as intense, but in a different way and they’re more functional for self defence and fighting arts because a large focus is on punching, kicking and takedowns that build specific functional fitness.

What is it? It’s called CrossPit and was created by John Hackleman. A spin off of the original, but definitely one that I value highly. Check it out on Facebook for a cool ‘Workout of the Day’.


Written by Kurt Colpan
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  1. Chester says:

    Being a Crossfit tragic a while back I know what you mean about the soreness. However once conditioned Crossfit can be hugely beneficial – you just need to make sure your coach is good at two things specifically: programming and knowing his athletes. Being that CF has become so popular so quickly there is a chance that you may come across coaches that aren’t too proficient in either of the above. I am lucky in that my KM instructor knows his fitness training and programmes short interval/high intensity workouts as part of our general training.
    The CrossPit stuff is more suited to fighting and a fantastic resource if you have access to some of the specialised equipment. If in doubt give them both a go – just be prepared to see it out!

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