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This is a really fun way to workout. I have been working with variations of these weekly and i have been craving them, they’re so cool and vary practical too.

Take note that you need to know basic ground work for this drill. You should also be training in a solid Krav Maga groundwork model. If there is nothing of this in your curriculum then you should ask why, it’s not like it doesn’t exist in the Krav Maga world. The worst case is that you are fighting someone who knows how to fight, not just the average thug who doesn’t know much.

There you are potentially training against ground problems, but do you really know how to apply that particular ground problem in the most effective way? Practising defence against a side headlock on the ground against someone who is smiling and who knows nothing about how to apply such a choke is useless. Really! 🙂

To do the drill lay a punching bag on the floor, or use a kickshield. You will need to continuously strike the pad from standing mount, full mount (close and long range), knee ride, side headlock and side control. You can even kick it while standing and drop knees from side headlock and sidecontrol if you want.

So warm-up a bit and then get moving!

Start standing and work your way through all positions.

Make sure to have a kettlebell handy as well.

1 minute ground and pound

1 minute kettlebell swing

1 minute ground and pound

1 minute kettlebell swing

1 minute plank

Do this four times. Then for the last ten minutes replace the plank with shadow fighting.

Let me know your thoughts!




Written by Kurt Colpan
Your Krav Maga Expert.com
Copyright © 2014
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  1. Chester says:

    ….or replace plank to plank push up and add shadow fight to maintain intensity. Warm up could be a 150 skip or 20 burpees buy in…..love burpees!
    Look forward to giving it a go.

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