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Honestly, I re-created this workout while feeling a little lazy thinking that it would be pretty easy. But it proved to be a little challenging, especially when I started doing the sledge hammer exercise.  Regardless you can do it and push yourself as hard as you want to go and maybe add another round. Let me know?

I focused on good quality strikes, with speed and power, all the time checking myself so I ensure good form.

All you need for this WOD is a punching bag, a medicine ball, an old tire and a sledge hammer. The workout goes like this:

* 250 Straight Punches: basically can be done as a jab and a cross, but I found myself switching from a cross to a jab just to give myself a choice 🙂

* 250 Hook Punches: working all different types of hooks, high to low, with a vertical fist, horizontal fist and diagonal fist, from different ranges.

* 250 Hammers: working hammer punches horizontal and vertical from front, side and back.

* 100 Round House Kicks: working all the types of round house you know.

* 100 Knee: to the groin, to the head, straight up, round house knee, etc

* 50 Sledge Hammers: Smash a tire with the sledge hammer.

* 50 Medicine Ball Throws + Squat: Throw the ball, squat, pick up the ball and back up, throw the ball, etc.

Lazy WOD

Lazy Workout of the Day

Written by Kurt Colpan
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