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I heard a funny story from one of my intermediate students the other day. For the sake of this article and maintaining his privacy (which is what he wanted), let’s call him Frank. Frank was out in the city on new years eve and was having a good time at a pub near The Rocks. As he was walking through the pub, in amongst the extreme crowd, he bumped into a guy, just shoulder to shoulder. He apologised for doing so, even though it wasn’t really his fault. This guy was trying to pick up some girl and while dancing and a little tipsy, he stumbled back and bumped into Frank.

Instead of accepting the apology, he went off on a tangent and started swearing at Frank and calling him names. Frank ignored him but the guy kept waffling on and as Frank walked away, he was following and then he dropped a bomb. Something along the lines of ‘Keep walking *****, you’re lucky, I do Krav Maga and I’ll drop ya’ next time you come near me *****.

When I heard this story I was in shock. I was also laughing my ass off! Was this guy serious or did he just watch a couple of YouTube videos and maybe some Alias episodes and think he’d just talk shit? I really don’t know.

What I do know is this. Frank is one of my most naturally gifted students. He is solid, he is well trained and pressure tested. This guy takes his Krav Maga very seriously! Not only that, he’s got a black belt in BJJ, he’s an ex professional fighter with a record of 13-0 (Muay Thai/Kickboxing) and he’s seriously tough. I wouldn’t doubt anyone else, but the clown I’m talking about could have potentially had a war on his hands.

The way I see it, doing Krav Maga doesn’t give you a licence to kick ass. Just because you train in Krav Maga, it doesn’t mean you’re untouchable. Instead Krav Maga gives you a better fighting chance against violence. Sure, with good training you’ll end up being very good, but still, no one should be that cocky in my opinion.

There are people in the world that have never heard of Krav Maga and that could seriously wipe most people clean just out of pure aggression, real experience and a killer instinct. Some of the toughest guys I know haven’t trained a day in their lives. But they have knocked the snot out of a couple of hundred people in their lives and are very good at it. If you meet one of these guys (or girls), good luck, you’d better be well trained or just as natural.

This guy who was throwing ‘Krav Maga’ around is very lucky he didn’t meet someone like that. That person won’t talk very much, he’ll just smash your face and keep hitting you till you’re down. And when you’re down, he might just lay the boot in. Though you never know, it might be a knife, and if his friends are around, they might just help out too. Who knows?

Krav Maga training should make you smarter, not turn you into a cocky idiot! Alcohol or not, my advice is be humble, chill out and avoid trouble. If you look for trouble, you’ll find it. If you look for peaceful solutions, you’ll find them too. Peace is much nicer than having to fight some drug crazed maniac who really wants to mess you up over a misunderstanding, or an accident.

Be cool.

Written by Kurt Colpan
Your Krav Maga Expert.com
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