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Over the new year break, I met with a friend, let’s call him Idan. Idan was part of one of the largest Krav Maga organisations and for years he was part of their global instructor team (GIT). We were talking about changes in Krav Maga, mainly in regards to changes in technique.

I said to him, ‘I often wonder why and where in the world some of these guys get the ideas to completely change techniques that work’. I showed him a change I have seen to the Gillotine Choke and we discussed the practicalities of it. I continued saying ‘I’m pretty sure they just get together and make some shit up’.

What he told me is the most shocking thing! He said, ‘buddy, you think that. But I know it to be true, I’ve seen it! I’ve seen a group of men get together and act like children, making things up there and then justifying it by aligning it to what they call ‘true KM’  or ‘‘What Imi would want?’. I’ve seen situations where the majority disagree, yet the head person just makes the change without approval of the others. What you think is true, is actually true man’.

Idan has a false name, but this account is not made up. Some places are  inventing updates to be different, to trick the people into thinking that their way is the most evolving. It’s simply a business act, to distinguish themselves potentially as being the ‘one true organisation’ or the ‘one keeping in line with the true Krav Maga’.

Ofcourse I’m not saying updates shouldn’t happen. Naturally things evolve… But if you’ve got a sneaking suspicion that it’s all bullshit, then you’re probably right. Trust your gut, use your own brain and perhaps you’ll see right through it. Over and out! 🙂

Written by Kurt Colpan
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