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Many people have been asking me about my latest trip to Israel and suggested that I write something about it. I’ve been having a hard time sitting down to write lately, it seems that my greatest inspirations are coming at wee hours in the morning when I’m half asleep and couldn’t care to write.

Anyway, I’ve decided to just go for it regardless. The last trip marks one of many trips for me, it feels like Israel is now my second home and honestly I want to go and live there again in the future. Avivit suggested to us that we should stay for a year, but then we thought it might be possible sooner if we did it for a little less time. Anyway, that’s the reality, we love it there (we being myself and my missus, Daniela).

This last trip was probably the best one I’ve personally taken. That’s likely due to it being the first one I’ve taken with my wife, in which she had a really good time. The last trip was a pure disappointment for her, and rightfully. We had taken part in a camp held by our old association that was absolutely rubbish! On this occasion, we stayed in Tel Aviv in the nicest part of town and did as we pleased and needed to.

We spent a little time getting to know Avivit Cohen. You know the crazy Israeli chick from Fight Quest? She’s not really that crazy by the way, she’s really cool and honestly one of the best people I’ve come to know in the Krav Maga world. She walks the walk, not only talks the talk and when she shows you what to do it’s done with an intensity and a seriousness that you don’t get everywhere else. I’ve trained and learned from other Expert 5/Dan 5’s and she’s better than all of them, no shit! Better in the whole sense, in that she does the technique better than them, explains it better, teaches it better, and so on. Her passion drives her and she’s been there and done it, she’s a warrior!

Both Daniela and I got to spend some time with her group, training, and fighting, along with some one on one work; and let me tell you that having a sparring session with Avivit was fun! She beat me down to a pulp…I’m still recovering emotionally! 🙂 Seriously, though, we came to love her! I sense that down the track we’ll be seeing more and more of her.

On the other side of town, in Netanya we met with Or on a constant basis. Or Hanya is a Senior Instructor with us, he’s become our representative in Israel from this latest trip. We’ll be making an official announcement about this, to introduce him to everyone. He’ll be helping me with training Krav Maga Systems Instructors and defining/refining our curriculum and platforms of delivery. Together we’ll be bringing to the world the best of Krav Maga in a very holistic way, the way we know it should be!

We worked together on refining technique, with Or taking the lead on development ideas working towards completing our curriculum. That said, it’s not complete, it’s a work in progress and our curriculum will forever be evolving. For a little while at least we will be making more changes than less, and this is the beginning of something amazing in itself!

We made sure during this time to meet up with some others, including Master Ze’ev Cohen who I consider one of the best guys in Krav Maga still. Along with him we trained also with Master Gabi Noah, and met up with Senior Instructor Yigal Arbiv, IKMA-Gidon System and some others on a few occasions. All in all, a fantastic trip with a lot of training and development for Krav Maga Systems.

But what made it really special? Well we got to my favourite cafe, Jeremiah’s! That’s not all though…

It’s the first trip I’ve taken where I was not officially tied to any organisation. Well, actually, I am one of the co-founders of my own organisation now, so I went there on my terms, to train with who I wanted, when I wanted without any political bullshit. I’ve trained with loads of people from different organisations but every time there was the political stuff, it came in some fashion, but this time it was nothing like that.

Each person we worked with opened up to us on a completely different level now that we are Krav Maga Systems. We’ve created quite a network in that everyone sees us as really good friends, rather than just another Krav Maga school trying to dominate the world. Yigal really opened up to me in an interview and showed me a side of him I’d never thought was true, what a passion guy! So did Avivit and the others.

This trip also pointed out to me more than ever that the common guys of Krav Maga have really bought into the world a watered down Krav Maga. Working with organisations like IKMA, Smart Fight and Haim Zut’s people we saw clearer than ever that the common Krav Maga you see in the world is heavily watered down and over simplified. What these guys have is a much bigger range of tools to work with than those equivalent whatever rank or grade or whatever we bring into the equation. Not only that, they have stronger attributes in all regards, not just a list of techniques.

We’re glad more than ever now that I’ve been on this path for a while, so I’ve cut the bullshit within my own network to a high degree at least. Perhaps there is still stuff there, but we’re working on it and really evolving in many ways. And that’s constant. On this trip, we learned stuff that helps us to make our curriculum much more full and complete.

On another front, I’ve really improved myself and that’s really important. I see a future for me bigger than what I did 2 years ago when I was the Director of the IKMF. I see a future now where I have freedom to train in a whole new way, away from the crap and ridiculous practices of the old. All my injuries are gone simply because I’ve found a new path and a much more free expression of Krav Maga. I’ve discovered retzev to a completely different level and that in itself has cured most of my injuries.

All in all, I have more to tell you about this trip…. But I’m going to keep it as a suprise! At least for now.




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