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You know, these days things are really different. Back in the day the status quo said that there was just one true master of Krav Maga. I was brainwashed to believe that my master was the only true master.

I remember being so naive and looking at videos of other Krav Maga organisations, that were 100% legitimate, yet at the time completely denouncing them as ‘fake’ Krav Maga. At one point I sent an email to a martial arts supplier in the area asking them why they sold dvds from someone who was not a real Krav Maga instructor, when in fact they were and I was being ignorant. I am actually quite surprised at the depths of how stupid my thinking was.

See, I just believed what they told me for a while. However, being a martial artist and having a natural curiosity, the more I heard disputes as to who the true king of Krav Maga was, the more I looked into it and began to question it and train with people from different Krav Maga organisations.

Over the years I have discovered that there is so much bullshit in the Krav Maga world. So many masters and keepers of the ultimate secrets. People awarded successor by Imi, with all the stripes, certificates, videos and what not. Some of these people look like they are just trying to take his role.

Let me be clear: there will never be another like Imi. He is at the top of the foodchain! After Imi is a whole bunch of great people, most of them you have likely never heard of and never will. Some of them had the opportunity to train under Imi, some only met him, and then there are thousands of others who have been trained by one of his instructor’s, instructor. Many of these people, the ‘unknowns’, propelled Krav Maga throughout the world, and to this day have taken little or no credit.

Today we see many big organisations sitting beside smaller and sometimes totally solo operations. Does ‘bigger’ and ‘well known’ always mean better? No, not necessarily so.

The truth is that each legitimate organisation and each legitimate individual has something unique to offer. As students of Krav Maga we should strive to be open minded enough and not allow dogma and politics to deter us from the truth.

There are many ways, many opinions, many real truths and much more depth to Krav Maga that most people don’t realise.

I will write more about this in future blogs. What are your thoughts? Please comment, and share if you care.

Written by Kurt Colpan
Your Krav Maga Expert.com
Copyright © 2014
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  1. Chester says:

    This is seen in many disciplines world wide. It is an unfortunate inevitable. I’ve been fortunate enough to stay injury free enough during my sporting career to represent three countries in different arenas. Politics in sport will always change the game. We are, after all only human and have differing opinion on most things. Some people just don’t fit the sporting profile as it develops, others try to change it to their advantage, others just appear luckier than most. There will be athletes in every sport who never get the full recognition they deserve.
    The distinction is this; having the humility to accept the above will always set you apart. Having the drive required to do whatever you can for the betterment of your sport , to give back, will set you apart. A wise man once told me that if before I lay my head on my pillow at night, after having looked my coach/instructor/significant other square in the eyes and told them that there was nothing left in the tank, I’ve done my best. That’s enough. Sometimes my best wasn’t enough in my chosen arena. That’s cool. I’m not left wondering.

    I’m still pretty new to KM so wouldn’t dare to pass specific comment on what you’ve written. Not my place. However there is a reason why i refer to my instructor and a select few fellow students as family. Maybe it’s the commonality of wanting to protect the ones you love, the connection you get from working hard and encouraging those around you. Maybe at the moment I just ‘fit’? I found it a couple of times elsewhere predominantly in service of some description. This, to a lesser degree, is similar. But we are there to learn. Learn from each other too, it ain’t just a one way street. However, having the humility to recognise the fact that for whatever reason you don’t fit anymore and need to move on, in an obscure way makes the sport better.
    BTW don’t think it was so much a naïveté more as a deep respect for those with a superior knowledge. That’s not a bad thing.
    Sorry for the rambling. Just my opinion. Peace and love.

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