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Most Krav Maga Instructors I know have gotten stuck in a ruck and have felt like they’re not getting enough training train. It is true, yeah? Sure you might be getting plenty of ‘air time’, and you’re working on the bag, but you just haven’t been able to find someone to train with you, at the times and potentially at the level you need to work at.

So what do you do? Well you can start by actively seeking training partners and working out with them. Train with as many different people as you can, it helps you to be adaptable, and it helps you in other ways too. You could also take on some other disciplines just for the training; but still you’re itching for the Krav.

A few days ago I listened to part of the John Demartini, Financial Mastery program and John was talking about the days when he was a student in university. He spoke about how other kids were thinking ‘how do I afford my schooling?’, while he was thinking ‘how can I get paid to do what I love?’ (referring to study). By asking more powerful questions, he ended up in a situation where he got paid to do lectures in his university. He would teach on the topics he loved learning and he made up to $350 a day doing that just as a student.

It made me remember something…… PTs, personal training, private training, whatever you call it, that’s it! Instructos can train in their PTs and get paid to do what they love. We can all teach and train 🙂

You can get plenty of training time in your PTs. Your students will still get all the theory and when it comes to working with a partner, what better partner than you? On top of that, you get to work with different sized, different skill level attackers. You get to teach them how to defend against solid attacks and you teach them to attack properly and effectively. Positive on both sides for sure, don’t you think? Just ask your students and see for yourself that the majority would prefer this.

Most trainers I know don’t like doing PTs and the reasons are generally the same. The majority of Krav Maga Instructors I know don’t get their hands too dirty by defending against their students, and working as partners work. Some don’t do it in fear of screwing up, or showing a weakness, or something that comes down to a lack of confidence, while others just never ever thought about doing it like that.

What if you all of a sudden decided to look at it differently and think ‘I’m getting paid to train’. How seriously cool is it to look at your PTs as a way for you to get some training in too. I’ve found that what I am teaching is amplified in information because I’m passionate about working on these things myself in a very holistic way.

When you explain this type of PT to a student, you tell them the process and explain the benefits. I like to think that by doing it in this way you’re showing them, the student, first hand how to perform Krav Maga.

So no pussy footing around, you get in there, you train, you show them how to do it! Test it out and see the positive results you’ll get by doing it like that. And watch how many extra hours you’ll get of training. Every little bit counts.

Don’t forget the extra $$$ per week from taking more PTs!


Written by Kurt Colpan
Your Krav Maga Expert.com
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