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First of all, all this is inspired from a recent event that has hit the community I am from pretty hard, the death of Prabha Arun Kumar just metres away from my former self defence gym AAKM. This murder inspired me to take some action and as a result we (Krav Maga Systems) have been very busy spreading the word about community safety.

Last week was a big week for Krav Maga Systems. We made it to the Parramatta Advertiser, The Daily Telegraph, Channel 7 News and 2UE.

All of reports were really pretty good. I noticed that the reporter, journalists and the radio person all came in with slightly different perceptions of what’s been happening. For example, Channel 7 was very much about ‘Women’s Self Defence’, even though our free to community event “Urban Survival” is for men and women. I believe whatever happened to Mrs Kumar could of happened to anybody else, irrespective of their sex.

When I watched the report, they had pretty much cut the majority of the stuff that I said. Oh well, that’s what they do! I did have a very sweet radio call with Angela Catterns which was awesome. All up they were all a success!

In the Channel 7 report I’m quoted saying ‘If someone comes next to you, then just run’. Just about 10 minutes after it went live, I got an SMS from a friend who is a cop. He says, “Just run. Really?”.

So here goes….. Just run. Really? Well yes, and no man, the TV did what they always do, they took what they thought was good and threw the rest out.

“But you said that?”, he replied.

Yes, I did, but I said so much more, and if you were there you would have understood the context. Am I suggesting that if someone simply walks next to you, that you should run away? No, ofcourse not.

My part of this free to community event is to deliver the program and give to the people real life skills and knowledge that will last a lifetime. I’m talking about knowledge that can keep you safe and well, so that you can walk in peace and not be a victim of a crime. This information that we share is life preserving information and it is more than ‘Just Run’.

After the event, i am going to share what it was all about, in detail and here in Part 2. To be continued….



Written by Kurt Colpan
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