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Grab a knife and a partner and go! Start to work on your 360 defences against knife attacks and do your best to make the attacks as realistic as possible. Don’t focus on how it looks, just focus on how it feels and how efficient and effective your defences are.

What it looks like is irrelevant. Worrying about being too pretty is what will get you killed! Focusing on solving the problem in a realistic way, and following Krav Maga principles is where the money is at. Too often I see Krav Maga practitioners ‘just doing’ the technique, without a real understanding, and without a realistic attack.

What you see is that people recoil with the knife, people don’t just do one attack all the time. You’ll notice that the circular attack is very common, and that certain attackers are extremely violent and determined. The reality of this kind of problem is scary, it’s completely unfamiliar ground for most people, even those who consider themselves well prepared.

When was the last time you trained your knife defences realistically? Are you just doing 360 defences against someone closing in with an unrealistic attack from a metre away, day in and day out? Or are you working in a way that involves grabs, pulls, pushes and generally just realistic attacks?

This is when the principles come out; you defend, you counter, immediately, simultaneously and with the right emotional content. When you’re dealing with a very violent attacker you’re either reacting and moving off the line as you do the above, or you’re in a situation where you potentially have to attempt controlling the weapon/controlling the attacker.

It’s dangerous, it’s deadly, you’re going to get cut! What you should be doing in your training is adding realism, different elements, swearing, shouting and carrying on. If you do technique after technique in the same way in your mission to get your next rank, you’re missing out on the real shit.

When someone attacks you with no voice, no emotion, and in a predictable way, you’re all safe and comfy, but the moment someone is aggressive and unwilling to back down, and you’re unfamiliar with this type of stress, everything is going to break down.

Once you’ve got the basics, train in this way. The goal is to be able to implement the principles of knife defence in any situation.

Try and break your own barriers and do it safely. Enjoy

Written by Kurt Colpan
Your Krav Maga Expert.com
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